Communications Strategies for Social Change

Adam Eidinger, Co-Director

Adam Eidinger founded the Mintwood Media Collective in April of 2000. Having spent over 15 years working in the public relations field, he draws on a wealth of experience in media strategy and outreach, campaign development, training staff and media spokespeople, video production, event planning, advertising, and much more.  Adam has generated press coverage for a range of issues and organizations across the spectrum of mainstream and independent media. He has appeared on national television and radio programs, and has been quoted extensively in national print and online media.

Currently, Adam manages public affairs for the top-selling brand of natural soap, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, as well as the company’s related brand activism and cause marketing campaigns. He has traveled to India, Sri Lanka, Israel and Palestine to produce short documentaries about the impact of Fair Trade on community development in those countries. He also conceived the annual Hemp History Week campaign, a nationwide education and marketing initiative to increase support to lift the ban on industrial hemp farming in the United States. Recently, Adam developed and organized the 300+ mile Right2Know march from New York City to D.C. to promote the labeling of GMO foods. He continues to publicize efforts in support of GMO labeling through a variety of initiatives.

A long-time drug-policy activist and proponent of efforts to bring back hemp farming in the United States, Adam is also the co-owner of Capitol Hemp Clothing and Accessories in Washington, D.C. He is on the board of the Fair Trade Resource Network. You can find him on twitter at @aeidinger.



Ryan Fletcher, Co-Director

Ryan Fletcher began working with the Mintwood Media Collective in the spring of 2002. Since that time Ryan has managed media strategy and communications for a range of non-profits and social justice organizations on issues related to opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, drug policy, the environment, sustainable agriculture, consumer affairs, and the natural products industry. From 2003-2006 Ryan worked with Military Families Speak Out to publicize its efforts to mobilize the military community against the Iraq war. In that period Ryan generated extensive press coverage across a wide spectrum of major media outlets profiling anti-war military families. In this capacity Ryan was also responsible for publicizing the founding of the organization Iraq Veterans Against the War, as well as the story of Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan, who captured the international media spotlight for her month-long encampment protesting the Iraq war outside of George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Currently, Ryan manages public affairs for Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and the company’s related brand activism and cause marketing campaigns, as well as coordinates the company’s public relations efforts in Australia, Germany, and the UK. In addition, Ryan is the Communications Director for Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association. Recently, he has also worked to generate national media coverage exposing the Bureau of Prisons little known Communication Management Units.

Ryan also co-founded and managed the Brian MacKenzie Infoshop, a social movement bookstore and community resource center in the Shaw neighborhood of D.C., which existed from 2003-2008. He lives in Washington, D.C., and is a proponent of cooperative living and a vegan diet. He travels by bicycle whenever possible.


Ariel Vegosen, Consultant


Ariel Vegosen began working with the Mintwood Media Collective in 2004. She received her BA in journalism from the University of Maryland. Ariel is a professional youth educator, dialogue facilitator, interfaith community organizer, and public relations consultant. She specializes in media outreach and strategic communication.

Since joining Mintwood, Ariel has provided communications support to a range of social justice organizations, causes, and campaigns. She has generated national and international media coverage on a variety of issues related to the natural product industry, consumer affairs, fair trade and organic practices, environmental concerns, the anti-war movement, and drug-policy reform. She has traveled to Israel and Palestine, facilitating meetings between journalists and fair trade olive oil producers in the West Bank.

Ariel is also on the board of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and has participated in peace delegations to Iran, Egypt, Israel and Palestine. She is the founder of the Gender Blender Collective, which was created to address how gender impacts society. She is a poet, performer, writer, and trainer of creative direct action tactics. Ariel is committed to nonviolence, liberation, growing organic vegetables, and creating safe spaces where people can share their stories.


Lauren Stansbury, Communications Manager

Lauren Stansbury started working with the Mintwood Media Collective in September of 2011. In her capacity as Communications Assistant she focuses primarily on researching target media, media outreach, and tracking press coverage. Lauren graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a BA in Comparative Religion and Philosophy. Her prior work experience includes organizing feminist art shows in New York and work as an assistant food editor at the UK Muslim lifestyle magazine Emel.

Since joining Mintwood, Lauren has carried out media outreach initiatives for a range of issues and campaigns. The Right2Know March to label GMO foods in the fall of 2011 provided her a crash course in media relations for large events. Since then she has contributed her skills in research and communication to Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Fair World Project, ForestEthics, and the Hemp History Week campaign. In addition, she has worked closely with Vote Hemp on media outreach efforts surrounding several Congressional and state initiatives that seek to change policy in order to allow U.S. farmers to grow industrial hemp.

Lauren enjoys playing stringed instruments, Americana, reading, nature writing, all things sci-fi and historical, vegan eating, hiking, and medicinal botany. She does not own a television, and spends most of her free time doing things outside. You can follow Lauren’s stream-of-consciousness, urban observations, and political diatribes on Twitter at @stnsbry.